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RFCAS is part of Escuela Politécnica Superior (EPS) that belongs to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) - Cantoblanco campus. 

Cantoblanco campus is located North of Madrid, on "Carretera de Colmenar Viejo" road, Km 15, 28049, Madrid.

The following interactive map shows the route of about 20 minutes drive from Madrid-Barajas airport to UAM.

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The address of EPS is the following:

   Escuela Politécnica Superior
   Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
   Campus de Cantoblanco
   Calle Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 11
   28049 Madrid
   GPS coordinates: (40° 32' 48", -3° 41' 29")
   GPS: (40.5467, -3.6914)

To download a map of the campus in PDF format, click here. EPS is the building numbered 6 on the map.

The following interactive map shows the university campus and the route of about 10 minutes walk from "Cantoblanco Universidad" RENFE Cercanías train station to EPS.

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How to reach UAM on public transport from Madrid

By train (RENFE Cercanías - suburban rail)

The train station of UAM is called "Cantoblanco Universidad", and belongs to suburban rail line C-4, with destinations "Colmenar Viejo" or "Alcobendas / San Sebastian de los Reyes." This line passes through the main train stations of Madrid: Chamartín (10 min.), Nuevos Ministerios (15 min.), Sol (20 min.) and Atocha (25 min).

From the airport, you can go by metro (line 8, stations "Aeropuerto T4" or "Aeropuerto T1-T2-T3") to "Nuevos Ministerios" station. This takes about 25 minutes.

Clicking here, you can access the train timetables.

Clicking here, you can download a suburban train system map .

You may download a map of Madrid metro by clicking here.

By bus

The most appropriate option to go by bus from Madrid to UAM is through line 714, leaving from the "Plaza Castilla" bus station. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes.Click here to access Madrid-UAM timetable, and here to access UAM-Madrid timetable.

The following map shows the route of about 5 minutes walk from the main bus station of UAM, which is in front of the Rectory building, to EPS.

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To go to Plaza Castilla from other locations in Madrid, you may use the bus and metro (at line 10, "Plaza Castilla" station) services. Click here to obtain more information about bus routes and timetables, and here to obtain more information about metro lines and timetables.

By taxi

From Madrid-Barajas airport to UAM, the price of the taxi journey should be around 30-35 Euro. From Plaza Castilla, it should be around 20 Euro.

The following are telephone numbers you may call for a taxi:

  • Radio Teléfono Taxi: 902 478 200
  • Radio Taxi: 91 405 55 00 / 91 447 51 80
  • Tele-Taxi: 91 371 21 31 / 91 371 37 11 / 902 50 11 30
  • Tele-Taxis for disabled people (Eurotaxi): 91 547 86 00 / 91 547 82 00