Nuevo Modelo para la Caracterización Electromagnética de SIW

TitleNuevo Modelo para la Caracterización Electromagnética de SIW
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLeal-Sevillano, C. A., J. A. Ruiz-Cruz, J. R. Montejo-Garai, and J. M. Rebollar
Conference NameProc. 2010 Simposium Nacional URSI (in Spanish)
Date PublishedSept.
AbstractThe Substrate Integrated Waveguide has been proposed as an alternative to planar technology in very high frequencies of the submilimeter band and in the teraherz band. For the correct analysis and design of devices like couplers, filters or antennas an accurate model for the characterization of SIW is needed. In this contribution a new model for electromagnetic characterization of SIW is proposed. The model is based on the analysis of a closed waveguide, which simulates the behavior of an open structure. For the correct simulation of the open structure a dielectric material is adjusted. Finally a pass-band filter in SIW technology is analyzed in order to verify the proposed model.