To manufacture and measure the prototypes of our designs we have some machines and equipment:
AGILENT E-5071C Network Analyzer
With this network analyzer we are able to measure from 300 kHz to 20 GHz covering a wide range of frequencies. This versatile system can work with 2 or 4 port configuration, it has a dynamic range > 123 dB, a low noise figure and a great high temperature stability (0.005 dB/ºC).
LPKF ProtoMat S100 circuit board plotter
This PCBs plotter is ideal for manufacturing prototypes including multilayer and RF aplications. Its printing resolution is 0.25 µm (0.01 mils), enough to manufacture our designs. The machine switches between tools automaticaly and has a drilling capacity of 150 holes per minute. LPKF ProtoMat S100 also has a fiducial recognition camera to align the tool when manufacturing multilayer and double-layer circuits (front-to-back alignment).
DAMS Antenna Measurement System
This system allows us to measure the radiation pattern of our designs and other antennas in the anechoic chamber with a resolution down to 0.1 degrees. It consists of a moving platform that is controlled by a device (Platform Controller) connected to a computer via USB.