Diseño de OMTs (Ortho-Mode Transducers) con la unión Turnstile

TitleDiseño de OMTs (Ortho-Mode Transducers) con la unión Turnstile
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsIzquierdo-Martinez, I., and J. A. Ruiz-Cruz
Conference NameProc. 2008 Simposium Nacional URSI (in Spanish)
Date PublishedSept.
AbstractThis paper presents the design of an orthomode transducer (OMT) based on the Turnstile junction with two main characteristics: a) the routing branches for each polarization are made in both E- and H-plane configuration, and b) the used Turnstile junction has an optimized internal profile inspired on mitered bends. These branches are made up of well-known waveguide elements, such as E- and H-plane bends and height transformers, which can be efficiently analyzed by specialized codes or available commercial software. The proposed structures are illustrated with the design of a complete OMT. The numerical simulations of the OMT elements and the performance of the overall structure in the band 13-19 GHz are presented in this communication, obtaining return losses better than 24dB in a 37% fractional bandwidth for both polarizations.