Diseño y medida de un filtro dual-mode en cavidad elíptica

TitleDiseño y medida de un filtro dual-mode en cavidad elíptica
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsRuiz-Cruz, J. A., J. R. Montejo-Garai, and J. M. Rebollar
Conference NameProc. 2004 Simposium Nacional URSI (in Spanish)
Date PublishedSept.
AbstractThis work presents the design and results of a Dual-Mode waveguide filter implemented with elliptic cavities and rectangular irises. A four-order elliptic filter responseis designed in X band, centered in 11.8 GHz and bandwidth of 100 MHz. The analysis is made by rigorous Mode-Matching with a basic building block based on the discontinuity between an elliptic and a rectangular waveguide. An experimental prototype is built and measured. Good agreement is obtained between theory and experimental data.