Monopulse beam-scanning planar array antenna in L band

TitleMonopulse beam-scanning planar array antenna in L band
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMasa-Campos, J. L., S. Sánchez-Sevilleja, C. Domínguez-Grano-de-Oro, M. Sierra-Pérez, and J. L. Fernandez-Jambrina
JournalMicrowave and Optical Technology Letters
Date PublishedJul.
Keywordsbeam-scanning array, monopulse system, stacked patch
AbstractA planar antenna is presented as part of a Signal Identification System working at 1.06 GHz. The antenna presents a monopulse radiation pattern. Likewise, a scanning of the main beam direction is achieved in a ±45° azimuth coverage. A limited 3 dB amplitude drop of the received signal at the edges of the angular scanning area is only permitted. Furthermore, a broad beamwidth is required in the single element of the array. A rectangular linearly polarized double stacked patch has been then designed, with a significant size reduction in the nonresonant length, to increase the azimuth beamwidth of the array single element. The whole antenna structure is composed of 18 elements, which have been distributed in six columns of three patches per column. The feeding network of the array has been developed in microstrip technology, with small individual circuits connected by coaxial cables, to reduce the global losses of the system. The designed compact antenna and the transmitting and receiving equipments will be placed inside a POD on the top part of an airplane. A prototype antenna has been manufactured and measured in three different beam pointing directions. Satisfactory results have been achieved in the entire frequency band.