Diffusion-bonded Circularly Polarized Corporate-Fed Cavity Array for W-band

TitleDiffusion-bonded Circularly Polarized Corporate-Fed Cavity Array for W-band
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsGarcia-Marin, E., J. L. Masa-Campos, and P. Sanchez-Olivares
Conference NameSimposium Nacional URSI 2017
Date PublishedSeptember
AbstractA circularly polarized radiating cavity array has been designed at 94 GHz and manufactured by the innovative technique of diffusion bonding of thin metallic layers, introduced to the European research community for the first time. The array is composed of 16x16 radiating elements, fed by a two-level waveguide corporate feeding network with uniform distribution. A 5.5 % bandwidth has been experimentally achieved with matching under −10 dB and axial ratio below 3 dB. At 90 GHz, 30.6 dBi gain and 0.4 dB axial ratio have been measured. The experimental results are considered successful and further improvements in the manufacturing process are expected to refine the performance of the antenna in future prototypes.